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Deluxe recently retired the first machine that originally took the shop into a new era of machining. The machine Deluxe just retired was the first CNC machine purchased to begin replacement of the old machines in what had traditionally been a screw machine shop.


The screw machines the shop used to run on were all fully-automatic (mechanical screw machines have been manufactured with full automation since the 1860s). Mechanical screw machines just do not have as much speed and precision as CNC machines. The greater speed and precision of CNC machines is what makes them preferable to the old mechanical screw machines.


The replacement of Deluxe’s first CNC machine marks a new milestone for the shop in even further advancement of its machining capabilities. Check out a bit of Deluxe’s advanced machining capabilities in the video on this page:


Visit Page to Watch Video.


Stay tuned for our upcoming Deluxe News series about all of the newest CNC machines that are currently in operation in the Deluxe shop!