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Deluxe Expertise

Just-in-time since 1984

Deluxe has built a solid reputation based on meeting and exceeding performance expectations. This has resulted in many long-lasting associations with customers who demand high levels of quality and service at a fair price.

Customized Delivery Programs

Deluxe has accomplished virtually every type of delivery program, including traditional purchase orders, Kanbans, and product kitting.

Flexible and Responsive

Deluxe is an owner-operated business that never loses sight of the power and necessity of straightforward person-to-person communications during every project stage. We realize that our customers’ needs can change almost on a daily basis. You’ll be impressed by our ability to adapt to your schedule changes.

Engineering Assistance

Customers often take advantage of our component manufacturing expertise early on in the product design stage to help optimize the design for manufacturability.

Finishing Services

If your finished part or assembly needs secondary processes such as plating, painting, or welding, Deluxe has established a network of reliable partners to get it done. This single source responsibility saves you time, paperwork, and cost.